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Vulnerable Children
Displaced Families
Syrian Refugees

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Our Mission

STEP seeks to protect the most vulnerable children in ways that become locally sustainable.

Our Vision

Our long term goal is to work towards better child protection systems in Iraq. To do this we work directly with professionals to strengthen key services for children. We also work directly with children to empower them, to understand their rights and how to secure them.

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Latest News

Our 18th Birthday

On 12th May we marked STEP's 18th Anniversary.

We would like to thank all those who has supported our work. We appreciate all those who have worked with us. You have all contributed so much in making us who we are as an organization.

Thank you to the children, young people and families who have trusted us and shared your lives with us.

We continue to believe that every children and young person is valuable and that protecting them is the responsibility of us all.

Children have the potential to make a brighter future. 

Thank you to those who have worked towards protecting, teaching and empowering children to reach their potential.